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For others, it's capitalist exploiters plotting to expand their world domination.

If the history of the 2012 summer games offers any indication, the Web will be awash in shady live streams and guerrilla torrents, enabling winter sports devotees to slalom right past the array of international distribution deals that have been carefully engineered to squeeze the games for every last drop of revenue.

Like most television networks around the world, official Olympics broadcasters like Russia’s Channel One, Canada’s CBC, China’s CCTV and Great Britain’s BBC — who have all forked over hefty license fees for the right to air the Games — utilize “geoblocking” tools to prevent anyone outside of their home territories from viewing their Web programming.

Geoblocking allows content providers to sell off lucrative distribution rights region by region, a revenue stream that has long made up a critical chunk of each network’s bottom line.

“He or she can set the ticket price and how many tickets the chapter wants to sell overall.

Then, users of the app can see the events and buy tickets for them.”Kelly Donoghue, date night chair for Delta Delta Delta, said she is looking forward to a more effective way to communicate with members about date nights rather than listservs.

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