Dating mappin webb silver plate marks

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There were a few companies with Meriden in their name and I thought a short list might be useful to understanding the difference between them.

(Similar names is an issue that has often been a source of confusion to me don't even get me started on flatware manufacturers) The formation of the International Silver Company helped to consolidate these companies but it still used a variety of marks from the companies that formed it to indicate levels of quality.

The company received awards at the great international exhibitions from the 1850s onwards for its excellence in artistic quality and fine design and held Royal Warrants from British Royalty including Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, Queen Alexandra, King George V, Queen Mary and King George VI. supplied plated wares to the luxury dining sections on board the Titanic and other ships in the White Star Line fleet.

By 1900 the Elkington monopoly of electroplate diminished as the original patent rights expired, and this period witnessed the enormous increase in output of other Birmingham, London and Sheffield manufacturers. from 1861 until 1963 when it was acquired by British Silverware Ltd. During World War II the company had stopped producing plated wares, and moved into copper refining which continued when it became a subsidiary of Delta Metals Group in 1955.

The original Elkington Silver Electroplating Works, in Newhall Street in Birmingham, became the Birmingham Science Museum in 1951, until its closure in 1997. Boxed twelve piece formal silver gilt set, in the style of Paul Storr, hallmarked London 1909, manufactured by Elkington & Co., retailed by Garrard & Co.

Do you know that there are marks on the bottom of silver and silverplate items that tell you who made it and if it's sterling or silverplate?

By 1880 the company employed over 1000 workers at premises in Birmingham, and had a further 6 works.

This blog is an exploration of silver and silver plate.

It is just a small record of my experiences, hunting, researching and playing with silver and silver plate. If you do find it useful please feel free to leave a comment. It helped form the International Silver Company in 1898. It is not the same company as the Meriden Britannia Company.

Did you know that all this information is on the internet if you do a google search for silverplate marks?

It was fun finding out that my 'plate" thing was silverplate from a Connecticut firm which closed in 1939, and that my pitcher thing was English Sheffield Ware (Fenton Bros - date?

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