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However, unlike with the NSA, in Logic Pro this is actually a good thing.Even better, I can reveal those Logic Pro secrets in this article without ending up in Russian exile 😉 Let’s start with the MIDI signal.

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Now, you are responsible for understanding Logic Pro and wielding its power to produce your very own masterpiece. It's pretty simple and shouldn't take longer than an hour.

The next step is to chop all your tracks in 8 bar or 16 bar loops (using comnd E with a selection will do the trick) and then select all of them and drag them to your Session View (drag and click tab).

Logic Pro is a powerful digital audio workstation responsible for Billboard-charting hits. Getting up and running with Logic Pro doesn't need to be a complicated and time-consuming process.

and separating or grouping your sounds to match the tracks you will be going to use (in my case Kick, hihats-claps-snares, bass, bass2, synth/Piano, Percusions, Ambient) I don't bounce them all at once because i want all the effects in my master channel to be applied to all of the separated tracks so the sound of the original track doesn't change.

After you have done that you should have 7 different tracks that played together make your original track Now it is time to go to Ableton and import those 7 tracks into your arrangement view, i usualy set ableton's tempo to the tempo on the tracks that are being imported to make the warping process easier.

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