Bsd pkgupdating h

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It provides extra meta-data for these packages such as screenshots and lists of similar applications.

done Upgrading mysql-server from 5.5.15 to 5.5.19...== # pkg delete mysql-server The following packages will be deinstalled: mysql-server-5.5.19 The deinstallation will save 79 MB Proceed with deinstalling packages [y/N]: y Deinstalling mysql-server-5.5.19...== # pkg audit -F

The version screen appears when Synth is executed with no command, an unknown command, or the "version" command.

It displays the current version, the copyright, and a summary of valid commands along with the usage.

This means that you do not have to give out the root password on multi-user systems.

However, it will prompt for the user’s password and will fail if that user is not a member of the App Cafe® includes the ability to remotely manage software from another system or mobile device.

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